To get a list of weights and UPS shipping & handling costs to any of the lower 48 states, please enter your zip code and, optionally, the approximate gross weight of the package.

For shipments to HI, AK, PR, APO/FPO's or Canada, do not enter the zip code, but calculate the gross weight below and click here for the shipping & handling cost chart.

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To estimate the actual weight of your package, use the gross weight chart below. Gross weights include the weight of the packaging, packing material and shipping container, plus a small handling charge.

Item Size Units/Case Gross Case Weight
3/4-oz Bars 100 6-lbs/cs
8-oz Bars 12 8-lbs/cs
10-oz Bars (approx.) 17-19 14-lbs/cs
24-oz Bars 6 11-lbs/cs
1-lb Bricks 8 10-lbs/cs
2-lb Bricks 6 14-lbs/cs
3-lb Bricks 6 20-lbs/cs
3-lb Wheels 6 20-lbs/cs
10-lb Wheels 1 13-lbs/cs
38-lb Wheels 1 45-lbs/cs
42-lb Blocks 1 45-lbs/cs
Cheddar Sampler Gift 6 14-lbs/cs
Snowflake Bentley Gift 6 14-lbs/cs